Julius Vincenc | About me

My name is Julius Vincenc, born in 1976, I live in Bratislava, Slovakia, Middle Europe. I got attracted by photography 10 years ago, when I bought my first digital camera HP 715. I started with family pictures, and explored the world of photography. As I got more and more into it, I realized that point-and-shoot compact camera is not giving me opportunities to grow. I decided that I need dSLR and bought canon EOS 300D with kit lens 18-55m. I also made use of M42 lenses adopted to canon via simple metal adapter. This influenced me so, that today when I go out for landscape photography trip, I seldom carry EF lens in my bag.

This is one of my first photos using canon eos 300D with M42 Helios 58mm F2.0 (converted to BW)

I won first price in a competition held in company where my wife works, and then got into a group of photographers from there. They organize photo workshops with slovak photographer Jozef Cesla (he doesn't have a web site, so you have to google his name to find his work).

Since then I have attended many of them, you can find my photos from these workshops in galleries here.

Also we have made two exhibitions, one in 2007 and other in 2012, to show our work in Slovak and Czech republic. See my photos in gallery "Exhibitions"

This web site is next step in my photography. I want to upload here my older photos, and keep adding new ones. Also I would like to share knowledge I gathered from workshops, internet, and my personal experience - see my blog page here.

I hope you enjoy it. I do.

Julius Vincenc